Moving Guide

Our aim is to make your move as smooth as possible so here is some free information from us to help you.

You can download this moving guide in full at the bottom of the page.

Here's an Extract from our Moving Guide

4 weeks prior to moving

  • If your employer is transferring you, check what your company relocation policy covers and for what you will be responsible.
  • Establish a file to keep together all letters, quotations, etc. from estate agents, solicitors and removers.
  • Notify your utility companies.
  • Pick up a change of address form from your Post Office if you wish to redirect your mail after your move.
  • Update your address book of friends, relatives and any other contacts.
  • We offer packing cases on a free loan basis.
  • Take the opportunity to clear out unwanted items and reduce the clutter in your new home. In many cases if you have not used something in the past three years you probably never will. Consider a car boot sale, recycling centres or donations to charity shops.

3 weeks prior to moving

  • If you intend to pack yourselves now is the time to start, kitchens in particular, take time to pack.
  • Request Charterhouse Removals to deliver boxes and tape.
  • Arrange transfer of insurance to cover your new home.
  • If necessary have curtains and carpets cleaned.
  • If you are moving further a field, make travel plans.
  • Make a list of the telephone numbers of tradesmen you have used over the years and keep this handy.
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